How can customers possibly pay attention to all the messages bombarding their multidevice-driven daily lives? Is your brand adding to that noise or is it adding real value to your customers’ lives? Are your customers turning to your brand or to your competitors’ for solutions? What deep content strategies do you have in place to win their hearts, minds and wallets? In this session, you’ll learn emotionally evocative content techniques from leading brands such as The Food Network, Title Nine, L.L. Bean, Spanx and Craftsy that you can put to work for your brand.
At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Add the 5 verbs that are the necessary building blocks for deep content to your strategic mindset
  • Unlock the power of pain points in your creative copy and customer journey
  • Know how and when to use Storytelling vs storyselling
  • Understand and implement deep content’s triple win into your own content game plan