Channeling Netflix: The Power of Episodic Content for Brands

Episodic content has longevity. Netflix’s “get-audience-hooked” tactic is paying off, as 76% of viewers admit to binge-watching their favorite shows – and coming back for more. In a world where a meme or viral video captures the public’s attention for a few hours before it’s relegated to the depths of the Internet, serialized content endures. This session will challenge marketers to look at their brand storytelling through a different lens, and how to create series targeted at niche audiences. Every episode in a series is a new and ongoing opportunity to fuel conversations, energize audiences, and encourage engagement. When your audiences find content that resonates, they will continue to share it and seek it out – it will rise above the other demands on their attention. As branded content becomes more and more akin to popular entertainment, discover how your content can stand out in a sea of binge-worthy shows.

After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Have a better understand the impact of creating series – both unscripted and scripted – as a way to create deeper and repeat engagement with your audience
  • Take a data-centric approach to niche targeting – bigger isn’t better when you can have the right audience engaging with your content and your brand
  • Practical how-tos so you can apply this approach to your current content strategies – and to do it right
  • Use data-rich case studies to make a case for using series for your brands