Five Steps to Lifecycle Marketing Success

The role of marketing is evolving and expanding beyond customer acquisition. With the rise of new data set and power of customer’s voice in the social media era, marketers are playing a larger role in customer retention and engagement not only to impact business results but also to manage brand reputation. Customer lifecycle marketing includes the stages in the marketing funnel from consideration through sales and extends into customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply learning from three B2B and B2C case studies to your specific marketing funnel strategies
  • Use pre-sales customer profiles to better serve your customer needs post sales
  • Develop a custom marketing technology stack that best helps the exponential growth of your business and customer engagement
  • Move your life-cycle strategy from a top-down funnel to a ping-pong funnel approach
  • Balance budget between acquisition and retention efforts