3 Ways You Aren’t Supporting Your Business with SEO (Yet) and How to Fix It

Providing your clients or department with basic SEO tactics isn’t going to cut it anymore. Creating impactful results for your clients isn’t just about rankings or traffic; it’s about conversions.

Whether you’re implementing basic SEO for your company yet or not, you know one thing is true: Google is king. Simply put, you need to start showing up in the search engines.

In this session, you’ll get clarity about how to execute SEO strategies on an even higher level; in a way that makes a massive impact on your results (and hey, make a difference in your business too).

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Build a strong SEO foundation for your business, no matter whether you’re building your website or own graphic design
  • Prioritize SEO efforts that matter with all your digital marketing efforts
  • Incorporate SEO education and simple SEO reporting that will empower your team, and ultimately build revenue

This session is a good fit for you if you’re an experienced marketer who specializes in web design/development, SEO, social media, blogging, management, or other content creation and want to better understand how to efficiently and proactively serve your clients and team with Search Engine Optimization.

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